Meet Our Coaches

Tomer C. - Program Director

Coach T

Coach Tomer is a retired professional soccer player with nearly 15 years of professional playing experience at the highest levels all over the world. Coach T is a fully licensed UEFA A and B coach, and has his goalkeeper coaching diploma through the Ontario Soccer Association. Coach T has been coaching youth for over 20 years, and loves to be on the field. When not on the soccer field, you can find Coach T playing in the park with his kids, or out for a run. Coach T’s favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough.

Favourite Team: Tottenham Hotspurs

Favourite Player: Ronaldo

Christian C.

Coach C

Hi! I’m Christian, or Coach C, one of your Elite Soccer Clinic coaches! Having been introduced to soccer at a young age, I quickly developed a strong passion for the sport and have continued to be involved in the beautiful game ever since. Over the years I have experienced much success on the pitch, having been able to represent teams at both the provincial and university level. From 2016-2020, I played for and co-captained the McMaster Men’s Soccer team while concurrently completing my Undergraduate Degree; and from 2020-2021, I continued my studies at the University of Western Ontario, completing my Master’s Degree, while also playing for their Men’s Soccer Program. It was during my time at McMaster that I had the opportunity to start coaching youth soccer, and have now been actively involved in youth development for 5+ years. Through coaching I have been able to share my passion and knowledge of the game with young players in order to help them develop and execute the fundamentals to take them to the next level. I am excited to be a role model in the soccer community and look forward to facilitating an environment that supports youth development both on and off the pitch.

Favourite Team: AC Milan

Favourite Player: Andre Pirlo

Abel S.

Coach A

Coach Abel is a varsity soccer player for York University, and is in his 1st year studying political science. Coach A is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina which is were he first fell in love with soccer. Ever since he can remember, he has been involved and passionate about the beautiful game. Coach A developed his knowledge and love of the game through playing in youth academies in Canada and Argentina. He has experience coaching youth at various levels for over 5 years. When not playing or coaching, you can find Coach A watching soccer on TV or studying. Coach A is fluent in Spanish and his favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip. 

Favourite Team: Boca Juniors

Favourite Player: Messi

Kaleigh M.

Coach K

Coach Kaleigh is a varsity soccer player for Toronto Metropolitan University, and is in her 4th year studying psychology. Coach K has played competitive soccer her entire life, and has coaching experience at various levels for over 7 years. When not playing or coaching, you can find Coach K reading or listening to music. Her favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla. 

Favourite Team: Manchester United

Favourite Player: Ronaldo

Anouk S.

Coach A

Hi, I’m Anouk, also known as Coach A. Soccer has been a passion of mine since my youth, with recent years spent playing for Vaughan Soccer Club. I had an amazing experience playing soccer as a child, gaining not just physical and technical abilities but also mental strength and leadership skills, all while creating cherished memories. Now, as a coach, I aim to pass on that enriching experience to the upcoming generation of soccer players. I’m excited to share my love for the sport and help improve these aspiring soccer stars! See you on the field.

Favourite Team: Barcelona

Favourite Player: Enzo Fernandez

Joe M.

Coach J

My name is Joe, I’m 21 years old and an aspiring soccer coach who currently plays for Vaughan SC League One. I played for Toronto FC for five years, played Division 1 soccer at Marist College in New York for three years, and recently played at York University for a season last fall. My favourite player is Lionel Messi and my favourite club is FC Barcelona. 

Favourite Team: FC Barcelona

Favourite Player: Messi

Jeronimo S.

Coach J

Hey everyone! I’m Jeronimo, and I have a deep passion for soccer. With 15 years of experience on the field as a player, I’ve transitioned into a role where I can inspire and guide the next generation of athletes. As a dedicated coach, I bring my expertise from playing for Empoli in Italy, Independiente in Argentina and currently playing competitively at Vaughan Azurri with League 1. I thrive on sharing my knowledge, refining skills, and instilling a love for the game in my players. My coaching philosophy centers around fostering teamwork, developing individual strengths, and nurturing a competitive spirit. Seeing my players grow, excel, and find joy in the sport is the ultimate reward. 

Favourite Team: Boca Juniors

Favourite Player: Messi

Seth M.

Coach S

I have been involved in soccer for almost 18 years now. I started off playing house league and grew to love the game more and more each year. I have been coaching for the past few years and have been involved in refereeing games as well. My main position on the field is fullback, although I’ve played almost every position, including goalkeeper! My favourite player of all time is Mesut Ozil and watching him in the 2010 World Cup made me want to pursue soccer even more. Looking forward to meeting you on the field!

Favourite Team: Arsenal

Favourite Player: Mesut Ozil

Sofia V.

Coach S

My name is Sofia and I have been a youth soccer coach for over 2 years. I am currently finishing my Bachelors in Kinesiology and Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion at the University of Guelph-Humber. I played competitive soccer for a few years growing up and loved the sport ever since. Those crucial years taught me the importance of teamwork, leadership, and how to overcome barriers. The combination of my experience playing soccer and my educational background, motivates me to teach the next generation of soccer players! Fun fact: my favourite soccer team is Italy 🙂 

Favourite Team: Italy

Favourite Player: Messi

Megan C.

Coach M

Hi my name is Megan but you can call me coach M! I have been playing soccer since I was 3 years old and I continue to pursue my love of soccer as I currently play for the University of Waterloo Varsity Women’s team. I study Kinesiology at Waterloo which assists with my passion for coaching and physical training. Soccer is my favourite sport and I have enjoyed watching it growing up and supporting the Italian national team. Soccer has been my life for over a decade and coaching is an outlet for me to share that passion with the next generation of soccer stars!!!

Favourite Team: Inter Milan

Favourite Player: Paolo Maldini

Andron K.

Coach A

My name is Andron or Coach A. I have been playing soccer since I was 3 years old. Growing up, I Played for Toronto FC’s academy (2012-16), I was a team representative at the MLS U-16 All-Star Games in Los Angeles in 2015, and partook in Generation adidas Cup International Stage in 2016. I recently finish my first professional season in New Zealand while playing for Miramar Rangers AFC.

I have a Masters Degree in Education from University of Portland , and I look forward to working with you the next generation of soccer players. 

Favourite Team: Barcelona 

Favourite Player: Messi 

Natalie H.

Coach N

Hi my name is Natalie or Coach N. I have been playing soccer since I was 5 years old.I’ve been immersed in a world of soccer since the age of 5 and currently play for the Unionville Milliken Soccer Club League 1 reserve. Having experienced the joy that soccer brings, I am passionate about sharing my love for the game with the next generation of soccer stars. I believe that fostering a positive and encouraging environment is key to helping these young athletes grow both on and off the field.

Favourite team: Real Madrid
Favourite player: Jude Bellingham

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