Mission and Values

At Elite Soccer Clinics, our values are intrinsic in how we engage with children, families and the community. Our values drive and inform our priorities as a business.

Safety and Respect: We value safety in soccer by ensuring small class sizes, qualified and trained coaching staff and upholding values of respect for oneself and others.

Inclusivity: We value inclusivity and welcome individuals from all walks of life. Our coaches reflect the diversity of the communities we serve, with the intention that children can see themselves reflected in the coaching staff they will grow to admire.

Excellence: We are committed to providing an Elite service, which means that we will deliver exceptional training and experiences for our children youth and families providing transferrable skills that will assist children both on and off the soccer pitch.

Community Outreach: We actively engage with our local community, partnering with organizations and educational institutions to create opportunities for children and youth. We believe in the power of soccer to bring people together and make a positive impact on society.

Growth Mindset: We are dedicated to the holistic development of our participants, focusing not only on their soccer skills but also on their character, leadership abilities, and personal growth. We aim to instill values such as discipline, perseverance, and resilience that extend beyond the soccer field.

By upholding these mission and values, we strive to create an inclusive soccer academy that empowers individuals, builds strong communities, and promotes the love of the game for all